Jet Aviation Supports Aircraft Owners and Operators With EU Part NCC Compliance


Jet Aviation Supports Aircraft Owners and Operators With EU Part NCC Compliance

Jun. 6, 2016 (Basel, Switzerland) —

Jet Aviation is offering guidance and compliance assistance to help customers understand and comply with EU Part NCC, the European Union’s new regulation for Non-Commercial operation of Complex (NCC) aircraft that takes effect on August 25, 2016.

Intended to bring the safety level of non-commercial operations closer to the standards applicable to commercial operations, the new operational regulation, EU Part NCC, applies to non-commercial operators of complex aircraft that have their principal place of business in an EASA Member State, including such EASA operators with aircraft registered in third countries. Jet Aviation is now offering guidance and compliance assistance with EU Part NCC in direct response to customer demand.

“EASA aircraft owners and operators want to ensure they comply with EU Part NCC and as with any new regulation that is rolled out, they have questions and uncertainty about how the regulation applies to their aircraft operation and other compliance questions,” says Claudio Peer, Jet Aviation’s Vice President of Aircraft Management & Charter Sales in EMEA & Asia. “Jet Aviation is here to support our customers.”

Jet Aviation has been complying with aviation regulatory authorities for nearly 50 years and enjoys excellent relations with multiple national aviation authorities. The company strives to continually develop its expertise and service portfolio to ensure the safety and comfort of business aircraft owners and operators.

For more information about EU Part NCC, please contact the company’s regional Head of Contract Management Andrea Meier-Züllig at

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